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Port City Paper
2841 Carner Ave
N. Charleston, SC



500-ml Skin Conditioning System
500-ml Soap System
800-ml Soap System
Disposable Glove Dispensers
Disposable Gloves
FMX™ System
Full-Size Bar Soap
Hair & Body Shampoo
Hand-Cleaning Towels
Health Care Soaps
Heavy-Duty Soaps
Heavy-Duty Soaps & Dispenser
Instant Hand Sanitizers
Kimcare® ALL-N-1 Skincare System
Latex Gloves
Liquid Antibacterial Soaps
Liquid Soap Dispensers
Liquid Soaps
Moisturizing Lotion
NXT™ 1000-ml Soap System
NXT™ 2000-ml Soap System
Personal Cleansing Wipes
Personal-Size Bar Soap
Powdered Soaps & Dispensers
PRO 2000™ 2,000-ml Soap System
PRO 5000™ 5,000-ml Soap System
Pumice Bar Soap
Touch-Free Soap Dispenser
Work Gloves
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